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Cover Art Contest Winner - 2018

Title: "Tribal Love Bridge"

Shen Barnachea | Art Therapist
2020 South Bay Regional Rep

Pronouns | She/Her


This art piece was created at a beautiful NorCATA Ancestral Healing Workshop I was able to attend in Fall 2017. I encourage all to attend when it becomes available again. The guided ancestral meditation unveiled some deep-rooted ancestral history in my soul and from that I was able to create. The group was able to absorb each other's art pieces and they shared that my piece manifested similarities to a bridge-like structure. From the shared observations and the mediation done prior, I was able to grasp and confirm my awareness of my place in the universe as I continue on with my journey.  The affirmations shared by my peers at this workshop were just a delicate moment in time confirming my life path and I will continue to hold these messages of encouragement as I continue to learn and share my ancestral roots.

Shenny (Shen) is a NorCATA member, and attended NDNU’s Art Therapy Masters Program, graduating class of 2019. Her favorite art mediums are charcoal and watercolor, and has begun to embrace Acceptance and Commitment Therapy theory.  Born in Hawaii, and identifies as Filipino American, she is the first of her family to go to College at the Graduate Level. Shen is the only child of her parents however her father and stepmother married and she has three half siblings, whom she loves and admires. Shen is also a proud mom of two adult children who are currently in college. In her spare time, she continues to enjoy making art, hiking and going to the beach, rain or shine.

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