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2019 NorCATA Annual Business Meeting
& Winter Workshop

Sunday, January 27, 2019
ABM: 10:00 - 11:30am
Workshop: 1:00 - 4:00pm

Wiegand Art Gallery
Notre Dame de Namur University
​Belmont, CA

Attend the ABM for a chance to win a prize in our raffle following the meeting!

Jung and the Golden Scarab: 
An American Indian Perspective on Jung’s Windows into Intuition
​and Spirituality ​

Presented by: 
Jennifer Clay, MFT, ATR, and Jodene Cuero, MFT

​Registration opens at 12:30pm.  
Program begins promptly at 1:00pm.

​Limit 40 seats

$25 for members
$50 for non-members
$10 for 3 CEUs

1:  Participants will identify perceptions, experiences, and symbol-use which are reflective of intuitive-knowing from Jungian and American Indian perspectives. 

2:  Participants will be able to define the nature of intuition through the Jeffrey & Fish (2011) themes of experience, preparation, fallibility, relationship, spirituality, and development. 

3:  Participants will be able to identify three art therapy directives that contribute to tactile ways of intuitive knowing and their applicability to self and diverse populations. 

Presenter's Biographies

Jennifer C. Clay, MFT, ATR, received her MA from Notre Dame de Namur University where she is a PhD candidate in their doctoral program. As a Choctaw tribal member, her focus has been with American Indian / Hawaiian families and issues of historical / transgenerational trauma. Jodene Cuero is a licensed MFT and a member of the Navajo Nation. She has a deep knowledge regarding American Indian people and has extensive experience to critique and integrate MFT theories that address the needs of American Indian populations. Jodene’s work has involved many aspects of culturally competent social and health services including Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Indian Health Service Behavioral Wellness services, American Indian traditional medical health, preventative medicine, and substance abuse prevention. 

Workshop Description

Metaphors in art therapy enrich and clarify experiences for clients as well as for the art therapist. The proposed workshop will focus on the dynamics of intuition through the story of Jung when he hears the scarab tapping at his window during a session with a patient who had dreamed about a golden scarab (Jung, 1960). Many art therapists have experienced moments of unexplainable knowing in working with clients when the ‘gut-feeling’ proved to be beneficial to the healing process. Intuition is not often discussed as a valuable tool during sessions as it does not readily fit within clinical research or practices (Jeffrey & Fish, 2011). This workshop will encourage discussion of the role of intuition for an art therapist as well as the culturally diverse worldviews on intuition. Both presenters are of American Indian descent (Navajo and Choctaw Nation) and will provide their cultural perspectives on the power of intuition when working with Native families. Included in this workshop are art experientials that highlight intuition and the art process. The experientials will delve deeper into the power of metaphors such as windows and water as a dimension or spiritual door. Experientials will reflect on questions such as: Is intuitive-knowing a tool or a guide for art therapists? Do all art therapists access this tool or guide in their sessions? Does intuition have a place in treatment or does it interfere with evidence-based rational thought? Participants will discuss challenges and pathways that can broaden intuitive knowing which may allow us to hear our own scarab tapping at the window.  

Questions about workshop content?  Please contact Jennifer.

Participants will:

1) Be able to name and define three Jewish learning modalities

2) Experience the Open Studio Process as a form of conflict resolution

3) Be able to identify the generative possibilities that exists within any conflict.

Planned Experiential
The Window Exercise
​In a broader sense, the proposed workshop will be looking at intuition through symbolism and dimensions of the self as revealed through The Window Exercise. While Jung’s study of the self is often through the mandala, this workshop will provide an opportunity to view the self through a scene created within or outside of the window. Metaphorically, windows can be explored as a reflection of both internal and external worlds. Utilizing the window experiential as a pathway of intuitive understanding, windows may enlighten certain aspects of our life, they may expose issues we may not have been aware of or subjects we were not willing to face. In experiencing the window metaphor, shadows may be revealed while at the same time, the process may acknowledge sacred beauty and warmth. The workshop structure will encourage participants to engage in a short guided imagery exercise, create a symbol of what their Intention may look like or consist of and then create a small, symbolic window with a depiction of the intuitive self using paper and cloth supplies. Will the viewer be looking from the outside in or will the viewer be on the inside looking out? What meaning is derived from this exercise and how does this relate to Jung’s archetype of the Self? Finally, how can art therapists use their own art-processing to open an awareness of intuition? 

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